from by Dead Jack Pine




I need you to stay strong
This is not the time for a change of heart

I've listened to flawless plans
Watched as they all unravel and fall apart

It won't be much longer now
We will head for the rising sun and keep riding east

I've grown tired of hearing you say
A little more time is all we need

I promised you the world
But all I ever gave you was a thousand sleepless nights
I fear you've lost your faith
This is not the way
The way it should have been

I know the intent was there
I always gave you the benefit of the doubt

We may have fallen far too deep
But I will break my bones and bleed, to get us out

You're in over your head
You have to see there is no end

I can only hope your wrong
The mistakes I've made, I cannot mend

You promised me the world
But all I ever wanted was a little peace of mind
I'm afraid I've lost my faith
This is not the way
The way it should have been

You've listened to flawless plans

I've listened to flawless plans


from Dead Jack Pine, released July 12, 2013



all rights reserved


Dead Jack Pine Toronto, Ontario

A pure single malt, Dead Jack Pine is a smoky blend of wood cinders, full moons and howling wolves, with a dry finish and a hint of busy city street. DJP hails from Toronto, and creates original folk-rock music, with a stand-out lead vocal growl and thought-provoking lyrics. ... more

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