Dead Jack Pine

by Dead Jack Pine

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released July 12, 2013

Rob Reid: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Stephen Booth: Electric and Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin
Kate MacLean: Drums, Vocals, Percussion, Keyboards
Curtis Murphy: Electric and Acoustic Bass
Recorded at Thirteenth Street Studio and Escarpment Studio.

Mixed and Mastered by Curtis Murphy
Produced by Kate MacLean

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Photo by Keith Carroll



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Dead Jack Pine Toronto, Ontario

A pure single malt, Dead Jack Pine is a smoky blend of wood cinders, full moons and howling wolves, with a dry finish and a hint of busy city street. DJP hails from Toronto, and creates original folk-rock music, with a stand-out lead vocal growl and thought-provoking lyrics. ... more

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Track Name: Peculiar Travel Suggestions
Peculiar Travel Suggestions

I agree, I must go
It appears too odd for me to say no
An antique pirate ghost
Dropped its sails and felt the wind no longer
On the Gulf of Mexico
My karass is going to bring you home

Nerves will calm with the change of landscape
And all uncertainty shall fade away
Don't think, just get inside
Buy the ticket, take the ride
Our zahmahkibo
My karass is going to bring you home
Track Name: Grandfather Clock
Grandfather Clock

I still misplace my keys
Ask for your help when they're not found
I still call out to you
When I forget you're not around

I water your flowers everyday
They come back every year
I still set the table for two
When I forget that you're not here

I often wake in the night
And can make out a figure by the pale moon light
I still call out for you
When I know you're not around

I had to bring to a stop
The sound of the grandfather clock
I never thought I would be on my own
Alone in our home

I'm glad it happened this way
If the truth were known
Because I wouldn't want you to be on your own
Alone in our home

I still misplace my keys
Ask for your help when they're not found
I still call out for you
When I know you're not around

I'm afraid to visit you
I can't find the strength to see it through
For as I wander up to your stone
It confirms I'm on my own
Track Name: Good and Evil
Good and Evil

Brother, you place yourself among the righteous
And never miss a chance to show your virtue

But who would you save from themselves
If not for me

We only exist in our relation to the other
Two halves. Twins born of the same mother

But who would want you to save them now
Who would you overcome
Who would you save from themselves
If not for me

Brother, you can't claim to have strength without knowing me
And never claim to be of honour without knowing me
Track Name: The Deserter
The Deserter

Not too long ago, they cursed you under their breath
Now as shadow descends on the town, you're the only one left
I know you think you have to do this
But I can't understand the purpose
Of a sacrifice of body and soul to avoid a little guilt

Of course you should be scared
You should be terrified
By the silence in the night
By the look in their eyes
There's another way out
But you say you have to do what's right
Your heart is oft at odds with your will to survive

Get out while you can, while there's an easier way
You have no allegiance here, no reason to stay
You will always be the ragged drifter
Who turned his back and never missed her
What do you think you know about integrity anyway

You will come to realize
There's nothing wrong
With vanishing with the wind one last time
Track Name: Flawless

I need you to stay strong
This is not the time for a change of heart

I've listened to flawless plans
Watched as they all unravel and fall apart

It won't be much longer now
We will head for the rising sun and keep riding east

I've grown tired of hearing you say
A little more time is all we need

I promised you the world
But all I ever gave you was a thousand sleepless nights
I fear you've lost your faith
This is not the way
The way it should have been

I know the intent was there
I always gave you the benefit of the doubt

We may have fallen far too deep
But I will break my bones and bleed, to get us out

You're in over your head
You have to see there is no end

I can only hope your wrong
The mistakes I've made, I cannot mend

You promised me the world
But all I ever wanted was a little peace of mind
I'm afraid I've lost my faith
This is not the way
The way it should have been

You've listened to flawless plans

I've listened to flawless plans